General information and tips

• Stir and loosen the flavored steam product well before use.

• For the same service life as with water pipe tobacco, we recommend using around 10 - 20 grams of the steam product, depending on the shisha head and charcoal holder.

• to ensure pure steaming, an aluminum foil (with small holes) must be stretched over the head and a distance of 10mm from the steam product (Smoke Island) to the coal holder (chimney and other coal holders) must be maintained! The session is to be ended after 50 minutes.

• Dosing is easy with a teaspoon or shisha tongs.

• Normal shisha charcoal use a maximum of 3 pieces.

• For long steaming pleasure, a uniform and not too strong heat is required.

• For a dense steam, the column of smoke should not protrude more than 2 cm into the water.

• The steam product is not suitable for consumption, keep out of the reach of children.

• There is no legal age limit for Smoke-Island steam products, but we recommend using them from 16 years of age