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Smoke Island is not smoking and is allowed in hookah bars

Smoke Island Vapor products simulate smoke but do not produce any. Smoke is defined as a mixture of solids and air. This occurs, for example, when plant particles burn. Consciously inhaling smoke is known as smoking. The working principle of Smoke Island Vapor products is identical to the so-called electronic cigarettes. In both cases there is evaporation of smoke fluids, with no solids or fine dust, but only the finest liquid particles in the form of steam, so smoking and smoke generation cannot be spoken of when using Smoke-Island vapor products. In addition, the tobacco substitute does not contain nicotine. Compared to natural coal, no PAHs, heavy metals and no carbon monoxide are produced when the steam material is used in combination with electric coal. As a result, our product is not only an alternative to water pipe tobacco and other water pipe products, but also offers the possibility of using water pipes in public spaces (e.g. shisha bars), which has been subject to many barriers due to the non-smoker protection law.

Definition of the non-smoker protection law: Non-smoker protection is the term used to describe measures that are suitable for effectively protecting people who do not smoke from the dangers of tobacco smoke (passive smoking). -> Our products contain no Components of the Tobacco plant, thus also arises no tobacco smokethat could endanger non-smokers.

Hauptzollamt definition of related smoking products: Related products are electronic cigarettes, refill containers, and herbal smoke products. The latter do not consist of tobacco, but of other plants, herbs or fruits, and will by means of a combustion process consumed, (means means with the help of or through). But our products won't by means of or by consumed a combustion process, but through an evaporation of the fluid in which the carrier material cellulose is soaked and not through combustion of the carrier material, in addition, the cellulose is soaked with a very high level of moisture, which makes this mixture of fluid and cellulose non-flammable. This is why there is no question of combustion of the carrier material (cellulose), but only of evaporation of the fluid.

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